Your big ten inch what?


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Any of you folks using a ten inch snare drum?

What is it doin' for ya, and howzit workin' out?




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Had one for a bit about 10 years ago, and quickly sold it. For the styles and sounds I need to reproduce - and that's a fair bit - it just didn't fit.



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Got a 10" customized Yamaha (birch/mahogany/falkata) for over 10 years and (although not used too much) its my number one for all these years. Every band/project loves it. I love it. It just gives that nice pop.


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I use a 10" Pearl Firecracker snare. Works great as a side snare. Very cool overall snare, nice high pitched sound and rimshots are fun too.


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Thanx for the replies guys.

Theres a Musashi Yamaha I tried and really enjoyed. I have a four-piece bop set-up and I figured it could add a nice voice between timbale and tom with the snares disengaged and a different snare sound for funky stuff. It also has the same (YESS) mounting as the kit I play, so it it would integrate easily.

I like the ease of travel it might afford as well. If I go light (snare & hats) to play somewhere, I could easily toss it in a backpack. Its not as authoritative as the MCA 14X5, so it would be cool for more acoustic outings (despite the small surface area for brushes!).

I'm going to go play it again, experiment with the tuning a bit, and give it a further listen.

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They're so hard to find on-line and when I do they're snapped up before i get a bloody look in.
Yea they're great little snares..the 12"X4" peter erskine snare is really nice as well (got one of them as well)..if you get a chance to get one, don't hesitate to get it..I don't believe you'll regret it...