Your best (and worst) band names


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My top 5 : Bluegaloos, Viagraphonics (we did get a cease and desist) The Channel Cats, Bourbon Plowboys and Playin' Hooky

worst: The Music Bachs, The Pods, Suite Dreams, Soul Sauce and Proof of the Puddin'


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Not bad, I guess, just extremely lame . . . . . . . . "Outrage"
Oh well, it was 1988. I played guitar then. I'll never forget our drummer's "flams". No space between strokes, just a simultaneous thwack.
Awful sound.


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Must these be actual used names, or just stuff we can come up with?

I once didnt join a band because of the name: Beef Trolley

There is a kid here trying to start a hair band called Pussycat Harlot.
actual or made up, their all made up anyway, my 2 favorites of other bands: The Vulgar Boatmen (Bloomington IN) and The Shirtheads (Wichita, KS)
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My first band actually got away with (band name printed and photos in my 1980 High School yearbook):

"Johnny Hitler and the 4 Man Microwave".

Some members of my band, and some friends from other bands, got together at a festival and played as:

"Seamen and the Sig Monsters"

Our newest member (keys and rhythm guitar) came to us from a band called:

"Rich Meaty Taste"