Your All Time Favorite Band


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Over my lifetime, probably Genesis, all eras of the band.

Mentioned in dispatches would be Crowded House and Living Colour.

Live, Kiss, no competition!



That is my favorite all time band.

Growing up it was the Beatles. I have a huge Beatles collection many would be jealous of.


Enter Shikari (used to be System of a Down, and before that Blink)
Shikari... Amazing.
First band I've heard anyone like that can relate to what I like haha..

It's shocking to see that 90% of the people on this Forum are either Jazz/Blues/Funk or Classic-Rock/Prog-Rock lovers, and only those Genres... I'm not saying its a bad thing, but does no one listen to many other things?
I feel like I'm the odd one out :(

For me, I don't have an order (Except these two), because there are LOADS of bands I like...
My Two *dead-set* favourite bands, though, are:
1. The Misfits.
2. Rush.

They're my two favourite bands in the whole world, that will never change. Most inspirational bands to me as well.

The other select few which are at the top are probably:
3. Murderdolls.
4. Slipknot.
5. The Doors.
6. Enter Shikari.
7. Trivium.
8. Slayer.
9. The Clash.
10. The Ramones.

I thought I'd just pick a Top Ten because I listen to so many, so I guess these kinda give an idea of what Genres I listen to :)

If I had to choose between Rush and Misfits...I couldn't. Because they're so different, although I suppose it depends what instrument I'm playing or what mood I'm in.

I prefer Misfits songs for the Bass over the Drums...
But I prefer Rush songs for the Drums over the Bass.
...that doesn't mean I won't go and play one on either instrument though! Haha


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As others have said... too many to mention

To narrow it down, I selected bands with drummers who had and still have the largest influence on me.

The Babys (Tony Brock... simple, strong, king of the 4x4. Fav rock drummer)

Queen (Roger and his patented heel-rock HH on the Snare and his low floppy toms)

Pat Travers Band (Tommy... 'nuf said)

Niacin (Dennis... 'nuf said)

Dream Theater (and pretty much all of Mike's side projects)

Kevin Gilbert / Toy / Thud (NDV.... very musical. Love his stuff)


Just had yet another birthday and was given the Rory Gallagher DVD Ghost Blues and the Rory Gallagher CD Notes from San Fransisco, and I'm pretty much starving to death Infinite Jest-style since Saturday because I can't stop watching/listening.

So it is, and has been since I can remember, Rory Gallagher (and his Band).


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1 Rush
2 Dream Theater
I listen to dt more but rush was my first fav band. And rush influenced much of dt, so rush comes first.