Your All Time Favorite Band

Rabbit Foot

I honestly cant say just one, but here is my top list.

captain beyond
king crimson
blue cheer
the Dead

This sums up the basics, though it does go deeper.


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I hate to sound like a bit of a pretentious person, but really i would say my favourite artist of this month is probably different to that of last month. I can't say there is an artist that is my favourite "of all time" really.


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Someone got me into Boards of Canada...I find their music slightly creepy for some reason. Especially Everything You Do Is A Balloon....*shudder* Good stuff though!
BoC always reminds me of party voyeurism where you sit at a campfire and just listen to the people around you. Listen to them more than any other band, but still hesitate to call them my favorite, just a staple. Amazing drum & bass groove though, constantly tapping/air drumming when I listen to it.

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A really tough question to answer, there's so many I like over the years, but I'll say The Beatles are and still is my favourite band. They brought so much to the music.


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Alice In Chains.

The first band that made me realize music was more than something played on the radio.


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The Beatles

(most time on my turntable?) Steely Dan

The Dap Kings backing Amy Winehouse (I loved that girl more than I can say. Losing her was like losing family )