Your All Time Favorite Band


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Just want to say it's incredibly tough to pick just one. But if you're going to hold a gun to my head, I would have to say...

The Beatles.


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After thinking about it for a while, it comes down to two bands:

The Who and Rush.

Other "most favorites" have come and gone over the years, but those two bands have never faded from being a favorite, nor do their albums ever get old, even though I've been listening to both bands since I was 11 or 12.


Queens of the stone age

Because they have been THE rock band for the last decade and I dont know the thrill of seeing any of the classic bands live so cant really pick them.

Drummer Sarah

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Led Zeppelin...

But also -

Pink Floyd
Jimi Hendrix
Guns n Roses

Arghhh also

Blue Oyster Cult
Motely Crue....

There are others.


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I love music and It is good for enjoyment. My all time favourite bands are below :

* Queen
* Beatles
* Bob Dylan
* The Rolling Stones
* Red


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My all time fave: Jean-Luc Ponty
That's an interesting choice; you'll be the only one :) I had a couple of albums of his, a jazz album on Blue Note Cantaloupe Island and a fusion one, Imaginary Voyage.

I especially liked Cantaloupe Island with IMO the best version of King Kong, and the title track is superb.
I HATE being asked this question there's so many.

Tool, A Perfect Circle, Protest the Hero, Rush, Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin, Them Crooked Vultures, Nirvana, Opeth, The Who, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Queen, Queens of the Stone Age, The Jimi Hendrix Expieriance, and so many more.