Your 5 top gigs. As audience


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These five have legitimate claim to being in my top 5 all time. Even more compelling, they were within less than a 12 month span:

March 1973 Genesis – Foxtrot Tour
April 1973 Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon Tour
May 1973 Jethro Tull – Thick as a Brick (start of A Passion Play tour but they weren’t quite ready)
August 1973 Focus – Moving Waves Tour
February 1974 Yes – Tales from Topographic Oceans Tour
That's quite a list, wish I could have seen those gigs too!


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Chronological order.....

1980ish - Tie, Blue Oyster Cult/Also Nova or Ted Nugent/Donnie Iris (my first concerts ever, cant remember which one was first, they were within a few months of each other)

1982 or 1983 - Ramones, opening for Cheap Trick. Our band went to see The Ramones, and had our noses stuck up about Cheap Trick. We stayed, and fell in love with that band, too.

1983 or 1984 - Talking Heads. Simply awesome concert.

Late 1999 or early 2000 - Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band. Right after they reformed and started touring again, after about 10 years apart. Amazing.

Last June - Ringo and his All Star Band.

Many honorable mentions, most notably seeing the opening show of The Big Money Tour for Rush in 1985. Despite being amazed and entranced by Mr. Peart, the show bored me, they played most of the new album which no one knew any of......ashamed to admit that, especially to the guys in my band who are HUGE Rush fans. And yes, I flipped out during the drum solo (and I usually don't really enjoy extended drum solos)....he started the solo on his acoustic kit and after a while of phenomenal playing, stood up as his riser started to turn, him playing all the while. As the electronic kit came around to the front, he seamlessly played from the one kit to the other, added a couple flourishes, and led it right into Tom Sawyer. Crazy memory. Made up for the rest of the (boring) show. Shameful, coming from a drummer, but I'll own it. :)

Anon La Ply

John McLaughlin's One Truth Band, Elizabethan Theatre.

Queen, Hordern Pavilion. .

Oregan (including Colin Walcott), Sydney Town Hall.

Osibisa, Chevron(?)

Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, Hordern.

All 80s, I think.

Drumbo Thunder

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July 12, 1967 Jimi Hendrix Experience / The Monkees

April 3, 1968 Soft Machine /
Jimi Hendrix Experience (2 shows)

Aug 21, 1968 Eire Apparent / Soft Machine / Jimi Hendrix Experience (2 shows)

That's five. I've witnessed a lot of awesome music since (50 years worth), but seeing and hearing Jimi was life altering.



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Albert King about 91 at hart plaza here in detroit.. was amazing... such power.

Rush x2 on the test for echos tour..

St Paul and the Broken Bones.. Saw them nov 2nd here in detroit. at the filmore. after that show i never want to goto a big venue again.

BNL (yeah i know. but it was a great live show. alot of fun) was at the show they recorded for their live dvd..


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I'd like to mention some local musicians I've been privileged to see:

Kevin Soffera- I've seen Kevin play locally with multiple acts over the years, from large clubs to a tiny bar in Easton Pa. He always blows me away with his groove and sound.

Eighteenth Hour- A great local band. Big fan of their original music; they also cook up some of the most creative arrangements of cover tunes I've heard anywhere. Great musicians; always disappointed when their shows are over because I want to hear more lol. My band mates and I have gotten to know those guys a bit; would love to play a show with them one of these days. Their drummer Tom has become a friend of mine as well. Local guys with day jobs that KILL IT every time I see them; now that's something I can appreciate!


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Prince - Roskilde Festival (Orange Stage) '10

Solomon Burke - Roskilde Festival (Arena) '08

Chris Cornell - DR Koncerthuset '16

Clutch - Amager Bio '13

Queens Of The Stone Age - Roskilde Festival (Orange Stage) '13


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David Lee Roth 1988 (Bissonette, Vai, Sheehan) As a guitarist, standing 15 feet from Vai as he rocked a stadium was unbelievable.

Dream Theater '93 or so

Other than that, I was influenced by albums, not gigs.