Youngtimer back on the road : Premier XPK


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Hi every one, I wanted to share this :

I've recently finished "restoring" a mid- 90's XPK drum kit. I bought it for a small amount of money (200€ - 4 piece), in pretty bad shape. I wanted to take it back on the road, repairing the broken parts, do some deep cleaning, new skins of course, and polishing.

The shells weren't in bad condition except for the floor tom shell which had a bit suffered from humidity. The finish looks réal l'y shiny and the chrome almost perfect after cleaning.

I needed to change all the lugs screws though, they were rusted and not genuine (not hexa).
Bass drum spurs were out of order, I needed to do thread and change the bolt. The thread was also in bad shape on the tom brackets too.
The guy I bought it from seems to have been hard on some parts, the Roklok tom holder was out of shape, I got some parts from another Roklok.

Finally this birch-Eucalyptus-Birch kit sounds really good, rock solid, and the toms are really great even without Rim's. I put G1 coated on them and they're really punchy with a nice and long enough sustain.
The bass drum is a surprising beast, I put a muffled head on batter side and unported diplomat on the front (in fact a old pinstripe cut) : It's really surprisingly low and powerful.
If I was to compare with the Signia, I would say the sound is less "clean", more lively, less studio like. This is a kit made for rock definitely.

To finish, I won't keep this kit, I'm going to sell it, but I'm happy to have done this job ; now, this Premier can go back on tracks.




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Thank you. I also was astonished - once cleaned - by the finish quality. It's shiny and the grain is beautiful. Maybe a tad too much on the orange side.
About power tom - I still dig them. This kit doesn't have any tom suspension, but with single ply coated G1 ; they sound really great, good separation between the 12 and 13, sustain and attack and powerful floor tom (in fact it seems to go lower than my 16x14 re-ring Maple).