Young Prospects?


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I'm sure I'm not the only dad on these forums. And I'm sure a lot of you older gents have children much older than mine. Hell, some of you guys probably have kids older than me.
My daughter is about two and a half years old, And this kid heard my drumming the entire time she was in the womb. Believe it or not, I can put this kid down for a nap, and she'll go to sleep with me practicing in the next room.

She also ADORES the drums. The room they're setup in is always open, so she is always encouraged to mess with them. Several times a day she'll climb up on my stool and just beat the snot out of them for a bit. We went to an easter service at my mother's church, and they have a drum kit set up. After service a lot of kids were messing around with the drums, so my mom decided to take my daughter to them and let her do the same - it was then I realized that compared to the older kids she actually had a moderate sense of rhythm with her senseless racket.

Thinking about this gets me really excited. I have no intentions of forcing her on the drums, because my parents forced me on guitar, violin, and bass and I rejected it. So I'm hoping that giving my daughter the freedom to mess with them when she chooses to, she'll keep interest and eventually want me to teach her the basics and develope from there.


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She's a little girl and she idolizes you, her Father. All she wants is your love and acceptance and I'm guessing she will be into the drums because you like it, and she will pick up on that. I think it will be the opposite of you forcing her, I think she will be very enthusiastic about them. She's already imprinted with drums for life right now. Any praise she earns and gets from you will be like pure gold to her, so my guess is you have a future drummer on your hands. Nice to hear these kinds of things.


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Let her play when and if she wants to. She will decide if she wants to play on her own.
You could get her a small kit of her own when she is a bit older if she shows interest.


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Be sure never to force her. Just make it fun and available.

I have a whole band worth of gear for them to play on and occasionally me and my son will play and my daughter (6) will play keys (mary had a little lamb) and sing while my son (8) blazes on his double pedal.

Pure gold. Keep it fun.


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The longer you can keep her away from video games / computers / phones, as a parent, you win ! If music is fun for a kid, they remain engaged and interested.


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My oldest son was the same way at the at age.

One day, when he was three, I just happened on a cheap kit with a 20" bass drum and smaller sizes, so I jumped on it, got some inexpensive cymbals and gave it to him.

He loves his drum set.

But now at age 6, he still only goes to bang on them once in a while (they are set up in my studio). He likes to do his best Keith Moon impression, but has zero interest in letting me show him how to actually play a proper beat.

Sure, I'm slightly disappointed he won't actually learn to play them, but still, I'm thrilled he is getting exposure to music. As parents, all we can do it provide the path, children will ultimately make up their own minds.

And still, he's only 6. He still has plenty of time to decide if we wants to get serious (or not).