You'll blow your face off!

I'm looking for a POWERFUL snare, thats also reasonably sensitive. Any brand, that I could get new or used less than $300 new or used. Not the Joey Jordison, something that would go well with a chrome-on-bright red kit.


Infernal Valkyrie

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yamaha oak custom snare in their "red oak" finish. I saw a great band called Savannah and the dude had amazing sounding oak yammies. This show was about 5 years ago and I still remember clearly that his drums sounded pretty devastating.

The Big Beat

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hahahahhah sounds like a job for the 'ol black beauties, cant not love those snare drums they are amazing. um, also agree with the yamaha suggestion and you could also try a tama bell brass snare


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check out the Tama Metalworks line, gunmetal color, affordable and go crack something fierce!

Living Dead Drummer

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I just picked up a Peace SD-130.
6.5" x 14" Brass
Killer snare! It has a nice range and can make your ears bleed if you want it too. I would look into something like that. I also have a red kit, and the brass color compliments it.

I have a thick steel shelled snare for sale if your want. It's a lot like the brass drum, but a little dryer, not as much ring. I just put it up in the classifieds. PM me if your interested.