You want some soul in your drums?


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I was doing my usual youtube surfing of drummers and great musicians, and I came across this video:
The drummer is just so amazingly tasteful and for the younger guys who argue against the less is more statement, this just goes to show you, less REALLY is so much more. He plays with so much finesse and quality it just astounds me. It's really hard to find drummers these days who play music instead of drums, but this guy takes the cake.


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Agreed! The drum part is so confident and true to the mood of the song. There's a lot of "musical" stuff going on there that you might not see at first because he makes it look and sound so effortless.

...that, or the soul radiating from his 'fro is manifesting itself into, onto, and all over the drums.


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I thought it was Stevie Wonder on the kit for a second there!- The way he's staring off into nowhere,

I agree with the soul in the song- I still think of all those guys in the 'motown' era that have no lasting 'fame' to speak of but were just fantastic.

You see all these - lets face it you see so many new bands that are just basically average becoming 'superstars' when these guys could let their afro combs drum all over modern drummers- lets not get into the skills when the fro's got poppin'!!! haha

Drummer Karl

Yes, less is more. At least it can be more and in this case it is so true.
Such a groove with so much love, soul and is quite hard to find something like this in stores today.
There`s a slight difference between producing sound and making music. It`s easy to create sound, with some knowledge it is no problem to compose but to make it alive and personal, individual, this is the crucial aspect in my opinion.

I just found this:

Very lively, it makes us move, it starts a process within us.


Paul Quin

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That is the great (and I mean great) James Gadson. Check out his playing on the Bill Withers tune "Use Me." He is a groove master. I was lucky enough to run into him at NAMM this year and it made the event for me! He was talking to Ndugu Chancler - who others recognized - but he was largely unrecognized!

What a wonderful guy and drummer.



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And if you want to know why people wouldn't appreciate it, it is because many of these guys have no sense of phrasing. When you look at the greats; Philly Jo, Art, Tony, Elvin, Gadd, Erskine, Vinnie. These guys have an impeccable and distinctive sense of musical phrasing, it defines their sound. makes you warm all over. But a guy like JJ, probably has no idea what a phrase is, and you just listen to him wail. It's impressive; but not interesting.

BTW 14 is the Slipknot cut-off age.

Off my soap box now.

Nice clip Karl. How did he put that one together? Mayer knows a great guitar player when he hears one. :)