You Might be a Drummer if...


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...the wife asks how many tacos you want for dinner and you respond 1e&a. have a dog named Remo or Ringo. try to figure out the bpm of gas pumps.

...the blinker on the car in front of you is a good reason to do some steering wheel rudiments. mention "4 on the floor" and arent referring to a car.


When you enter an elevator and immediately start tapping your foot to check whether it's got some nice bass acoustics

(I constantly play "drums" with my hands on my legs and my right foot whenever I think no one is watching me...)


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Don’t know about you guys but I was forever getting told off as a kid for “tapping” on tables/furniture, and anything else that made an interesting percussive sound!:unsure:(y):D
Myself as well, yet there were no drums to be had for me, just more derision for my tapping and jimmy legs.

Cmdr. Ross

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when you miss what someone is actually saying because you got lost in the cadence of how they were saying it.


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I always notice people speaking in patterns @Otto ...makes me chuckle sometimes and then I end up making up my own lyrics to what they are saying. (usually naughty)


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I actually memorized a good part of Taming of The Shrew back in high school in one evening by paying more attention to the rhythm of the passages than the content. For you fellow drummers that might need to memorize text, I highly recommend it!