You know you’re getting old when...


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I hope I never know. I guess if you don't wake up one day-then you're as old as you're going to get. What if you never aged -no have to at least make it to puberty to reproduce so you age to 30 then live forever. Heaven or Hell??


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Some observations:

All your leg hair is gone. (happened to my Dad too - a generational thing?)
Your nose and ear hair grow faster than your head hair (provided you still have head hair - mine's been gone since 1980.)
Why can't your smartphone just make reliable telephone calls?
You don't get a new dog/cat, because this time it might outlive you.
Sunrises seem better than sunsets.
You record your "to-do list" in a Field Notes book and keep it in your pocket, so you can remember what you need to get from the grocery/homegoods store.
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You question the sanity of replying to *You know you're getting older when...*


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...all these hot new drummers you admire are at least half your age.

...there are tv commercials targeted at your age group.

...thing that used to be fun are now just bad ideas (roller coasters, skateboards, etc.).


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Rollercoasters are out...Hard liquor is out...Eating good food (a hard thing to do these days) is like really important. My brain is in ascent, but my body is in descent...Life to me is hilarious anymore, most things don't matter...

I'm laughing out loud at some of the stuff you guys are writing, felonius, you are killing me!

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A pastor friend was visiting a 102 year old lady in the nursing home. She was still in great health. The pastor asked her "When you get to heaven, what questions do you have to GOD?" She said "I'm going to ask him what I did wrong to live so long. All of my friends, all of my kids, and some of my grandchildren have all passed away. I don't have any friends my age, so why?"

She passed away two days later.....

My great-great aunt lived until 100yrs and 5 days. I knew her until I was in my 30’s. She had Parkinson’s since I was a kid.

One time my immediate family went to visit her at 97 or so and she said something. She said she didn’t understand why god has her living so long. I asked her why not understanding the negativity other than possible boredom.

She told me because of her shaking she could not do anything at all. Her day was being put in a chair and listening to the radio. She shook so much that she could not walk, feed herself, focus on anything, watch television etc., it was awful she said.

She then told me not to visit her anymore as she’s embarrassed of what she’s become. It was really sad she had to live another 3years afterwards.
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When you start seeing white eyelashes in the mirror.