You know you’re getting old when...


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You, well, I know I’m getting old when...

... I read through the music lists and it’s like reading Latin when looking at the artist and songs. I recognize a handful of names.
Back in the day I used to keep track of the Rolling Stone lists. Today... phttttttt.

... don’t even get me started about shows that are music themed and they quickly run through the artist list in the beginning and I’m hoping I recognize one act I might be interested in.

So, how do you know your getting older?


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  • I venture nowhere without my trusty spectacles (readers)
  • My once dark black mane now displays a few grey infiltrators

Push pull stroke

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You know you're you're getting old when you begin to talk about sleep with the same passion and wonderment that you once reserved for beer. For example...

<In college beer boasting voice>
"Dude, I got 8 hours last night! Straight! It was awesome"

At my house it’s both generations simultaneously—I’m old enough to really value good sleep, and my youngest child is so young he still doesn’t sleep through the night very often, much to his mother’s dismay


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What was the question? Oh yeah old. I don't think my drum heads are old-though I don't see an expiration date. I noted my "new" truck tires were made some five years earlier. I wonder if my drum heads have been sitting in some factory for ten years? I'm "old" but if you just met me I'm "new". What does it all mean? I think you're getting old-I refuse to do so and because of the placebo effect I can will myself to un-age and stay young or even reverse aging. I'm sort of like 7Up the Uncola as I'm Unaged. If you can do a mental Zenn thing to keep from going into hypothermia resisting cold, and slow heart rate mentally, then I think I can mentally control my 'Genes"-better than brain control-Gene control. I've unaged ten years the last ten years.
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Yea Art, you're like 7Up...never had it, never will!! Jk, I don't feel that way at all, just saw an opening and pounced, like an old guy in heat! In all honesty, I feel you have it and indeed always will have it....can I borrow it?


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I'm crushed J-Boogie-Orange crushed LOL!
I know I'm old because I did the dishes at the Last Supper.
Holy Moly GruntersDad I was going to call bullcrap but I looked and yep "you were there" (in my best Walter Cronkite voice).


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Well, I've realized that roughly 98% of the music I listen to is made pre 1975, and that's 45 years ago!!! But, who is counting...


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When just climbing out of bed causes joints to pop like a pistol shot! (get funny looks from the dog!) or when you're about ready to give up on contact lenses and go to progressive glasses... :(


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I knew I was getting old in the game when I found myself spending countless hours trying to find that balance between what drum equipment sounds the best and works the best at the lightest weight and smallest footprint possible.

Someone said they call this "geezer gear."


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You know your old when your boss,pastor/rabbi/counselor, physicians, coworkers, band mates, spouse, ....,are ALL younger than you. I had an uncle who lived to be in his 90s still active , driving, doing his thing . I’d always ask how he was doing and he’d always say “Really good except most everyone I’ve known in life is dead.” I’d just laugh it off but now sheesh