You know those girls on the internet that suck at drums but get a million views?


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She's one of them. ;)

I tried to get her to help me with getting rid of some overtones in my snare, attention span didn't last long enough so I gave up.

She and I also prefer Vic Firth sticks, although I like wood tip and she seems to prefer nylon.

My roommate's cat, maybe a month or so old. She only started to meow and purr this past weekend. And she LOVES climbing around my stands and pedals and playing with sticks.

Her name is Molly.

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Hello Molly, welcome to the world of drumming, wow, you're a cute girl, you didn't posted any of your playing yet, but I can tell, you're a natural, with these good looks, you gonna be very, very successful, I tell'ya :)

Molly will get more view than you Nick, I hope you're not too jealous of her, she's definitely a cutie :)


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Ahhh, some female (or should that be feline) drumming competition. :) Always good to have another female on board!

She's adorable, btw :)


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She's rolling the sticks to check them... smart girl.

Molly, how does the HQ RealFeel pad feel? ;-)

Anthony Amodeo

do me a favor and wait a while before you try to teach her any sort of heel/toe or advanced techniques
let her develop some of her own sense of mechanics first

...and I'm glad she uses Vic Firth