You get in your car


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You turn the radio on and you can't turn the channel fast enough IF who's playing?..for me it's Styx..George thoroughgood..90%of Lynard Skynard..or Triumph. Theres more but these are standouts. No..its not a they suck thread..some music I just can't do..ill get depressed.


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I hardly listen to FM radio anymore due to the seemingly endless stream of commercials following two or three songs that, quite frankly, didn't float my boat.
When I was a teen, the 4 to 5 minute station break was annoying. And, now, it's literally "commercial" radio.
WBGO-FM is the only station I can listen to. Wish there were more stations playing Jazz!

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I have SiriusXM in my truck and listen mostly to three channels: Prime Country, Willie's Roadhouse, and Outlaw Country. It's only on Outlaw Country that I'm sometimes impelled to tune in elsewhere, and it's not because of one particular artist. It's when a band calls itself country but sounds like a cross between techno and death metal. Techno and death metal are fine in their own right but not on a country station. To me, if it ain't classic, it ain't country.


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Any modern country; the shit that sounds like Justin Timberlake wrote/produced it.
Prince, Madonna, Tay Tay, etc, but mostly Prince. Mostly.
Rap country <---- (I hated even typing that).
Queensryche - silent lucidity. Not silent enough.
Europe - final countdown, and anything that sounds like that.
Kashmir. Not. one. more. note.
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I like not to hear old favorites for a long time-like I avoid them and build this impression I'm sick of them-then one day I listen to them again and remember why I liked them again. It sort of goes in circles-something old something new something old something new -then I'm sick of it-something old something new-change genres-something old something new-I think I'll hurl-wow that's great.

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Can you provide an example? I'm intrigued by this trifecta.
When I confront "country" selections with backing tracks and/or heavy distortion, I don't stick around long enough to note the title or the artist. But next time I come across something of that nature, I'll identify it and get back to you.

I like Ministry and Slayer, just not when those styles posture as country.