Yoga and Drumming


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Hi all!

Just thought I 'd talk about the benefits of yoga for drummers.

Obviously, our bodies get strained in many ways whilst drumming. Anything from joint pains, repetitive movement syndrom and bad posture. Really, thinking about it, drumming is a high impact occupation. On our bodies, it's effect can be as bad as using a pneumatic drill for hours.

Yoga can help with this. First it helps in strengthening the back muscles, making a good posture easier. Then it helps strengthening and stretching the ligaments, muscles and helps lubricating the joints.

it also helps in RELAXING your whole system, thus you'll play better, faster and more focused.

But yoga as exercise is one thing. The right supplements for your joints and body utilisation of energy is also important. As a yogi, martial artist and drummer, I use some excellent supplements, designed for yogis by yogis, using all completely organic and nature based ingredients, without binders, fillers and other useless additives. I found that those supplements help a lot with my drumming too and thus I'd like to recommend them to you all. I found that the pains I used to get in my joints, and cramps, all went and I also gained in energy.

If you'd like to try it for yourself, go to and check it out! The ones I particularely like are Yogabody Stretch, Yoga Proteins and Yoga seeds. Oh and the Trapeze is pretty cool too!

The real cool thing as well is that with any of these products, there is a "No hassle, 365-day Money Back Guarantee". How cool is that?

Have a look, check it out!

To your drumming health,


PS: Any other yogis and/or martial artists here?
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