Yo what pedals are you guys rocking?


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The updated version from a few years ago (with the extra two magnets on the axle) is an excellent pedal! I had sent mine back to the company for some reason, and when it came back, the magnets had been reset to the default positions. I was never able to find the right combination again, and stopped using it. :(

But I've been very happy with the Ludwig Atlas Pro (now the Speed Flyer) for the last 5 years.

Yeah, i am not sure if Mike is still around, i emailed him about getting parts to convert to a longboard and got no reply... :( Feel free to send over your old pedal.. time to go double bass:)


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woah drumnetics huh , how well do they respond? i know there would be almost no lag at all , but for some reason i just cant wrap my head around how it feels.
Bermuda can tell you more.. but i have had mine for 7 years and i LOVE it.. it sticks to my foot no matter how fast of doubles and stuff i do. Thing is though.. i have never used any other pedal for more than like 30 seconds.. so i don't have a comparison. I need to try out the pedal (1987 yammy strap drive i think) that came with the kit i bought, just to see how it feels.. hell maybe i'm much better than i think i am :)

In all honesty, it can be finicky to setup, but once you get it, it just works forever and never gives an issue (at least for me) but some people can't get used to it.


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DW 3002 double bass pedal, PDP 800 series hi-hat or DW 6000 flatbase hi-hat on my own kit. DW 5000 and Pearl Eliminator hi-hat at church.


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I played the Yamaha FP7210-- the cheap one that comes with the 700 series hardware pack-- for decades. I tried a lot of the high end pedals (Tama, several DWs, JoJo, etc) and always came back to the 7210. But this year I decided to try the Yamaha FP9C, the current flagship Yamaha pedal. I was instantly in love and now use it ALL the time.
Same here. Love this pedal.

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The Gibraltar Intruder Strap Drive and although it totally sounds like it might be some kind of marital aid, it's actually a decent pedal. It's well-built, but not as quick as I would like. Maybe it's time for a change.

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DW USA 5000ND Strap Drive with a Danmar Zoro square felt beater (pictured below left). Also a newer, nearly identical backup/emergency DW 5000 pedal.
I just recently installed the Canopus Speed Star bearing on both pedals.

DW5000Pedals copy.jpg


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Have you got the carry cases? They’re awesome! :D (y)

Me too! Absolute joy straight out of the box!:D(y)

The case that came with the double pedal has been replaced a few years ago (before i started using 2 single pedals) since it wouldn't stay closed during transport. Replaced it with a Tama pedal bag, which is lighter and still offers a lot of protection.
The single pedals are still in the original cases and those can withstand a nuclear attack hehe


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I alternate every few months between Axis A21 Sabre and 910 Speed Cobra. They feel nothing alike but in 10 years I haven't been able to choose one over the other.

Ryan Culberson

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DW 6000 strap & 7000 double chain. 6000 for 95% of the stuff I do, 7000 for the occasional festival or theater gig where a little extra beef is preferred.