Yo what pedals are you guys rocking?


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DW 5000's



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I've been playing a Jojo Mayer pedal over the last couple of weeks that's part of the rehearsal space backline kit. It's too early to tell if it's the pedal or my willingness to put up with something because I don't have to haul drums around. So far the recordings sound great so it must be working at some level. Definitely not much spring in the thing!


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Tama Iron Cobra 900 Power Glide for me…best pedals I’ve ever played! :) (y)

I use the exact same. Two single pedals on my double bass kit and before that i used the double pedal version of it (bought it in 2006, so it's an older model. But still going strong!)
Real smooth pedals, easy to transport as well; just remove the spring and everything folds in nicely. Used the double pedal for years, feels really natural. When i switched to 2 bass drums i used cheaper Pearl pedals once (felt really sluggish) and immediately ordered 2 single pedals. Transition between single or double is very natural, can't feel a difference

Neal Pert

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I played the Yamaha FP7210-- the cheap one that comes with the 700 series hardware pack-- for decades. I tried a lot of the high end pedals (Tama, several DWs, JoJo, etc) and always came back to the 7210. But this year I decided to try the Yamaha FP9C, the current flagship Yamaha pedal. I was instantly in love and now use it ALL the time.


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Drumnetics, no springs all magnets.. It's the first and only pedal i have used

The updated version from a few years ago (with the extra two magnets on the axle) is an excellent pedal! I had sent mine back to the company for some reason, and when it came back, the magnets had been reset to the default positions. I was never able to find the right combination again, and stopped using it. :(

But I've been very happy with the Ludwig Atlas Pro (now the Speed Flyer) for the last 5 years.