Yo to the Pro's


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This thread came about after reading a recent comment posted by Bermuda.

Basically he was clarifying something he had written because it appeared he felt he has been abused in the past over his pro status. I was thinking that DW is such a fantastic place that woodshed bashers such as myself are able to converse with pros of my chosen field.

I cant think of anywhere else out there that I would have that kind of access.

I dont know about anyone else on this site but I feel pretty honored and protective of the pros on here.

Bermuda has given me valued advice and knowledge over the few years Ive been on here. As well as other pros throughout my journey on this site.

Just wanted to say thank you to you guys for being here to help such a humble student of the drumkit.

This also goes out to other members of this site who constantly provide advice and support to all of us who need it.

Members such as Grunters Dad, Steamer, Larrylace, Dogbreath, Jason Nutha, Bobdadruma,Caddywumpus, Drumeatdrum,Pollyanna, Deathmetalconga..........

There are so many others that I cant begin to thank everyone.

You know who you are if you contribute to this site.

Thank you to all you guys and gals


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I think it's such a great forum to where there's pro's here chatting with us. Many to mention who post here regularly. Not to plug something 100% of the time but to talk drums and answer some questions.

Bermuda is a perfect example of this. He knows so much about the industry, recording, gear, and how to have fun with percussion.

Hats off to Bernhard.


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My word!!

Learnt more in my time on DW than I ever did in 25 odd years prior. If only they had the internet when I started!

FWIW, I'd like to extend it beyond purely pro players here as well. There's a wealth of seasoned performers with day jobs, who's insight and experience is just as valuable to me.

Bernhard, take a bow!


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I also enjoy and appreciate the pros that contribute to this site.
I also wish to thank them for being here.

Thank You synergy for mentioning me in the IP.


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Basically he was clarifying something he had written because it appeared he felt he has been abused in the past over his pro status.

I dont know about anyone else on this site but I feel pretty honored and protective of the pros on here.

Bermuda has given me valued advice and knowledge over the few years Ive been on here. As well as other pros throughout my journey on this site.
Thanks, but to clarify a bit further, I haven't felt abused as much I've been held to a different standard at times. Occasionally I've been taken to task for things I've posted, because as a visible pro I'm supposed to be more responsible or an example to other drummers. Well, perhaps that's true. Although I've always felt like 'one of the guys' in various forums, I don't have the same freedom to criticize or vent that most other members do. I've simply learned to think twice or thrice about the content of my posts, and in some cases I'll avoid certain threads and topics altogether.

But I feel confident about saying the things I do, and will never hesitate to participate in conversations where I think my input may be helpful or interesting.



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I appreciate you being here on this forum. I thank you for all
the valuable information,advice, drum info, and musical 411 you have given us.
I look forward to reading your responses. I think it's awesome that
'PRO - Drummers like yourself, Todd Sucherman, Derek Roddy,
Pat Petrillo to name a few, are here to help, give some thought's and maybe
some words of encouragement
to beginners, intermediate, and semi-pro's drummers on this forum.
I don't think the Drummerworld Forum would be as popular or
the Number #1 Drum Place if it weren't for Pro's like yourself popping
in from time to time with some News, or tid bits of info, or technical answers....
besides that - you already play Ludwig's - so you have a big fan club here ;^)



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Thanks for the mention synergy......

This old veteran pro in the jazz trenches just trys to offer a different perspective on things around here coming from a very different angle and background than many, being a very non-commercial background in music from my long enjoyable career of doing it....not over yet and always learning. Sharing the ups and downs of that may help others down the road just starting out in their own personal journey and choices they may wish to take. If I have something to offer or share that can help others from my own experience that's my nature.

Whether pro or not we all have something to offer with personal insights from our own journeys down whatever path we choose in music on this fine forum. We all learn from each other and from our differences and the different ways of approaching and thinking about things......

One thing we ALL share is our love for drumming.


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No problem guys- I really wish I could mention all those that really contribute to this site.

Bermuda- Abused was probably not the right word.... hassled maybe? Thats how it seemed to come across. But thanks again for just being here.

Steamer- where in Canada are you? I feel a need to cross the border(I'm near Buffalo) and come just drink in your cymbals.... If any go missing- wasnt me!!! :)

Actually your Agop thread has bitten me and I am currently awaiting my first Instanbul. Its one form the 70's or 80's with both Agop's and Mehmet's sigs on the underneath- From ebay- cant wait to join the family!!!

I didnt really mean this to be a big hug-fest! lol

It was just something that was on my mind and I personally dont speak out like this often. I just wanted to let members here know that you guys are appreciated more then you really know.


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Learnt more in my time on DW than I ever did in 25 odd years prior. If only they had the internet when I started!
Ditto. The forum is a pretty amazing pool of knowledge and for that we can especially thank Bernhard.

Have a question? There's a good chance someone will know and be generous enough to share their knowledge. Most drummers I've met - here and in real life - have been nice, fun-loving people.

Count me (and the roach) in with the hug fest :)


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A forum, a party, even a band, all gatherings that, if everyone was from the same background, or of the same opinion, would be a sterile & boring place.

I value the input from all perspectives, from Pro to 1st lesson beginner, so long as they're delivered with honesty & respect.

The pro's that post here are busy guys, so are a lot of the regular gigging day job players, so all should value the fact that they give up their time. The vast majority do so without the prospect of self promotion, or any measurable gain, other than the satisfaction of taking part in a forum that informs, educates, & entertains.

I'm with Pocket on this, a forum such as this is a revelation to an old fart like me. I get as much from giving as I get from receiving, & I try to get an equal balance of both.


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I recently turned a friend of mine onto this site.
He is a bass player that used to play the drums.
He was blown away by what he saw here!
He said that he has never seen anything like this place!
DRUMMERWORLD is truly unique!


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I agree.

I've been part of many drummer forums in the past, but this is the 1st one where actual pros hang out. When I first joined, it was people like Bermuda, Derek Roddy, Todd Sucherman to name a few that made me want to keep logging in every day.

And wow, I can't believe I even get a mention in the 1st post. I'm honored anyone thinks my stories of musical failures and assorted useless musical trivia are helpful.


I've gotta agree too! This is a fantastic site that is chock full of some of the most knowledgeable and helpful drummers on the planet! A+


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This really is an incredible place.

Many thanks to Bernhard and the forum moderators for maintaining such a professional site.

Additional thanks to the professionals that offer their advice on here. I'm sure it wasn't intentional, but one pro left of the list from an earlier post is John Riley. I feel very priveleged to be a part of this community with pros like John Riley, Bermuda, Todd Sucherman, etc. To be able to communicate with these professionals whose books we all may have studied, music we have listened to for years, etc. is very special.

Thanks to all who make this site what it is.


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I agree, this forum is absolutely amazing. I've learned so much here already in just a couple months; all of you guys are supportive and really foster an educational and constructive environment! So a big thanks to all of the pros that take the time to contribute, as well as a thank you to everyone else to participates in the community! I'm still a n00b here, and it already feels a bit like family, haha.


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Synergy, I am grateful to be mentioned in this thread with some of the true musicians, both pro and amateur. I think it was Abe Lincoln who said, "We are all smart, just about different things." This forum is full of people who are smart in their own way. There are maybe two handfuls of us that post on here on a regular basis, and I sometimes wonder where we would be if the 31,000, I think, members were to be active. I have always tried to post what I am knowledgeable about and pay attention to the answers to the questions I don't have knowledge about. This is an amazing place and kudos to the Founder Bernhard, and the now single moderator, Thomas, and to those who continue to share their ideas and thoughts with a minimal amount of personal mis-behavior. This is truly my family and I look forward to visiting daily. Again thanks.


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Like KIS and many here I am an 'old fart', My only regret, at my age, is that I did not and was not inspired to put in the time/practice I could have at a much younger age. Largely because of Drummerworld and all those that post here I have become very inspired and really enjoy my practice time.
I often wonder how many of our lives would be different had we a Drummerworld back in our day. I think it incredible that so many diverse levels of drummers participate. I learn from all.
I regard myself as lucky to have access to Drummerworld.
My new favorite saying is (and I do not know who to give credit to) " The more I practice the luckier I get"
Thanks to all of you.