yet another cymbal cleaning thread, sorry


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Ok so in my wisdom, way before I knew anything much about drums and cymbals I cleaned my paiste pst7 hats with either, ketchup or lemon juice or both (can't remember!). I've pretty much ignored the mess it made of my cymbals but it's now really annoying me so I'm looking to try and remedy. My plan was simply to buy the paiste cleaner and protector, however these don't appear to be available anywhere in the UK for some reason. So is there anything else out there I could use? To be honest I'm not even sure the issue is's a pic..

Ok so it doesn't look so bad in the photo, but in real life it looks like it's got a really bad botchy rash or something. Any help much appreciated!


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So it looks like some of the coating that paiste apply has been removed in random areas, which makes me think this will be very hard to rectify


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Paiste Cymbal Cleaner and Protector hasn't been available for at least 2 years now. I wrote them multiple times and received friendly answers with varying dates, all of which passed without any new product. I guess it's just gone for good.

Also, Paiste told me not to use other companies' products on their cymbals, so at least be careful.


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I've been told the Paiste's cleaner was essentially glass cleaner but I doubt that's true otherwise they would still make it. Anyway, glass cleaner (like Windex) works okay but if your cymbal is stained then you're pretty much out of luck.

Call me crazy but this is why is spent big bucks buying brand-new 2002s. I don't want to resurrect old cymbals. I like them to look new and stay that way (y)