Yesterday... thoughts?


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Ever since I saw the trailer, I was very intrigued with the concept.
I got to sit down last night and finally check Yesterday. I was especially excited to see that this is a Danny Boyle film. So far I’ve enjoyed all the films I’ve seen by him. Expecting no difference here.

Uh, Yesterday took turns and twists. Some were aha moments... others missed the mark.
I’d still give this 7 out of 10. No doubt I enjoyed the movie and glad to see it, but felt it tripped on occasion.
I don’t think I’ll give anything away, but I felt Kate McKinnon’s character (manager) and inclusion was a total misstep, by disrupting the flow. The character was definitely over the top, but felt it was a cut and paste from her SNL gig.

I absolutely love the last second twist.

I definitely recommend the film.

Have you seen it and what’s your thoughts?



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Just watched it last night with the wife. It wasn't a bad film at all. Not exactly what I expected from the trailers, but still enjoyable. There were some loose ends I wish were explained (the power outage for example), but all in all it was good.


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I don't know if I'm like "Rainman" and can detect a movie plot as it spills on the floor, or all the trailer and ads I subliminally deduce it, but usually I'm pretty good a figuring a plot (a friend and mine and I wrote about thirty scripts for movies and TV years ago just brainstorming while trashed-some were pretty good-he kept them all as we had a fall out and I haven't spoken to him in years (his name was Steve Spielberg-No it was Rick LOL). But I really like Aha moments in movies that surprise me-I find it intriguing. Let me "regale" everyone with a story (Oh god knew this was coming-now in third person lol). Went to see a movie with wife and kids-we sat down it started and I told them I'd seen this movie already. They laughed it just came out and a new moive-I told them every plot turn spoiling it till they made me go get drinks and candy. I swear I'd seen the movie to this day. It was freaky-or I am.