yay! so happy!!!


NEW album !! yayy!

http://norsemetal.bandcamp.com/album/al ... st-and-fog

Bit different this album, we decided to use the natural sounds of the instruments, ie super low gain guitars and no resampling/editing (only the kicks are triggered, but i used my own samples for that!)

for all you non metal guys, the norm in extreme music like this is to basivcaly play cymbals, and kicks snare and toms are all re-sampled, edited and tightened up to the point of ridicule.

i hate that sound. so i tracked each song in 1 take, did 3 takes of each song and then used the best bits from each take.
heres a vid from setting up in the studio:

All the artwork is taken from where i work (on a farm in the middle of nowhere)

my danny carey snare came out pretty nice on this i thought!

cheers guys!


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good work mate! sounds pretty nice! My mates recently released an album too, similar style, but completely retriggered, with everything 100% quantized. I also dislike the sound, but I like the way the drums in your album sound very natural, and they still stand out in the mix!

Good work


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Very nice- enjoyed the "kit tour" spliced in with your playing. Whereabouts in Oz are you guys from?


thank you gents :) ive done a few albums/ ep so far but this is one im really proud of.

were are located about 2 hours out of sydney, in the southern highlands. middle of nowhere:p