Yammie kick pedal help/identification....


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To all the Yammie hardware enthusiasts, looking for a model id on this pedal, is named as 'Professional Model' on the footplate and is made in Japan. Was used by a touring drummer in the 80s. Is in decent usable condition, so am looking for opinions on what to expect on Ebay, cheers


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my guess is 1978-80 from the recording series (9000 Series) line. the recording series ones similar to that around 1986-88 (when i bought my yamaha stuff) had better clamping levers. that design was always the top-of-the-line around that time, but i always likes the 7 series (tour) stuff w/ the strap drive as they seemed to be lighter & faster. still, i had a buddy in Miami that had one of those set-up so that it played real nice.

check out these catalog pages, especially the big orange kit near the top:
+ http://www.vintagedrumguide.com/yamaha_catalogs_drum_sets_1978.htm