Yamaha TT 800 series

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I own a Yamaha TT 800 Series kit that I’ve had for around 20 years.
I’ve always thought it was a “Recording Custom” kit until recently when a friend questioned whether it was indeed a Recording Custom kit.
It sounds great.
Floor Tom s/n: NI - 412X
Model: FT 816 C
My questions are:
Are these Recording Custom Drums?
What’s the difference between the 800 series and the 900 series?
Thanks in advance.DB6E4E44-18B9-4978-8793-B748F843A608.jpeg


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Recording Customs are an all birch shell. Those shells (800) are birch/mahogany. There are those that prefer the 800/8000 series drums. They are indeed, fine drums.


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Just judging from looks in the pic, those are 8000 also known as Power Tour Custom. They had Turbo Tour Customs also, which were the same depth as diameter, ie 12x12, 13x13 and so on. In the picture they look more like Power Tour Customs 10x12 and 11x13. That's what I have. I bought mine new in 1988 I think they are absolutely great drums. The 9000 series became known as Recording Customs. As Harry stated, 8000 series are Birch outside and inside plies with Philippine Mahogany in between. 9000 is an all Birch shell. Around 2007 I bought a Birch Custom Absolute Nouveau kit. I played my 8000 kit and then my BCAN kit set up in the same room for a comparison. I couldn't hardly hear a difference between the two. The BCAN shells are all Birch. I'm telling you, those 8000s are really good drums.


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Are the long lugs what distinguish Recording Customs from the 800/8000?
In the beginning both 9000 and 8000 had the short lugs (don't remember what year that changed).

I definitely agree with the other posters that the 8000 were/are fantastic drums. One of these kits in the Real Wood finish will one day be in my drum room...

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This is all great information.
Thank you to everyone!
There’s so much to know.
I feel like one question leads to another.
It’s an interesting and enjoyable quest.
As I mentioned, the kit sounds great.
This drum set was part of a backline company I owned many years ago.
Primarily being a live audio engineer for more years than I’d like to admit, I recognized early on that this kit was something special. Anyone familiar with that big drum sound from the 80’s knows how important the drums are.
With live sound, “you will Not fix anything in the mix.” Nor do you have time for equipment that works against you instead of with you.
Many great and famous drummers played this kit and all the while, myself and they, thought it was a Yamaha Recording Custom Drum kit.
I acquired a 20” Beech bass drum Model: WBD820T S/N: OH-490X some years ago which I just unboxed.
I’m presently setting the kit up for a recording project and looking forward to the smile this kit puts on my face once again. 😊



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Many great and famous drummers played this kit and all the while, myself and they, thought it was a Yamaha Recording Custom Drum kit.
Indeed, back in the day .... I heard people say the same thing. And of course, no internet back then .... if you didn't have a Yamaha catalog in your back pocket, you couldn't prove that indeed the 8000's and 9000's were, in fact different. I'm sure some cats are still saying "thesae are the same shells as the Recording Customs!!!"
But yeah, in any event ..... great sounding drums. I think the birch/mahogany combo makes them a little warmer than the RC's. And the Japanese were yet to start making maple drums, so these were about as close as you could get to that maple sound, in a MIJ drum set.