Yamaha Tour Customs


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Hello everyone, I'm sorta new here. I just picked up a brand new, old stock, set of Yamaha Tour Customs in Ocean Blue finish, with the HW768 hardware pack. The sizes are 10x8, 12x9, 16x16, 22x17, and 14x6. It was sort of an impulsive purchase, as I needed a gigging set, and hadn't really played them set up before. I thought the deal was solid, I like the color, and the reviews seemed generally positive. What is the general impression of these drums ? What types of heads do people use ? I usually prefer a 14" floor tom to a 16", and I'm a little concerned that I won't be able to get something above a rumbling hum out of it. I put an Ambassador on the bottom and an Emperor on the top, and got it resonating pretty good, although I wouldn't call it a super loud drum. It is very deep though. That's about all I did so far. Looking forward to hearing input from people who own or have owned this kit.


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try coated vintage emporers on top and coated ambassadors on bottom.

i believe tour customs have a rounded bearing edge, and for some reason i think coated heads sound infinitively better on rounded bearing edges


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I've played them before and I love Tour Customs. As far as I'm concerned they are the best mid-range maple kit you get.

They don't have 100% rounded edge. They are actually rounded 30 degree edges. Yamaha advertises them as a rock kit with a vintage vibe. Huge sustain and resonance.


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I haven't played them, thought alot of people seem to like that alot. I think heads are about the style of music you play though. Some jazz players preffer ambs over ambs.. Some rock fellas preffer embs over ambs... some metal fellows preffer pinstribes over ambs. And some doesn't even preffer anything at all.