Yamaha Stage Custom tom with Maple Custom


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Hi everyone. It's been a minute since Ive been on here.

Anyways, I have a Yamaha Maple Custom that I absolutely love. However, I really want an 8" tom. But to get a matching Maple Custom tom can be up to $500 which Im not willing to spend. A Stage Custom Birch one is $80. Obviously there will be a difference in quality but is it enough to spend another $420? I play metal and dampen my drums greatly and use Hydraulics.

I'm open to any other suggestions.


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Do it. An 8" tom in birch will likely sound better than one made of maple. I say that because birch has such a clean tone to it where maple tends to be a bit muddier. I like maple for larger toms and birch for smaller.

So I say you go for it. Have the new tom's edges recut to ensure its perfect. An $80 tom has clearly had some corners cut to make it so cheap. But many of these cheaper drums have good shell construction, good hrdware and nice finishes. The edges are where many of them are not great, despite them "looking good" to the naked eye.


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Yes, if it is dampened, wearing hydraulics and only 8" across, virtually any drum will sound about the same. As long as you not so detail oriented as to want a perfect match, the SC will be a better buy than than the MCA.