Yamaha Stage Custom Timeline?


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I recently picked up an "orphan" Stage Custom tom. I consider myself a fairly knowledgeable "Drum Geek", but I am kind of a jack of all trades when it comes to brands in that I know enough about each brand and their gear, but not as much as someone who only focuses on a few brands and knows them inside and out. So, maybe some Yamaha aficionados can help me out here and please correct any misinformation that I have unintentionally typed below:

I know that the first generation Stage Customs had the "long". one piece lugs and the mounts drilled right into the shell, As far as I can recall, all of these were lacquered, not wrapped. I'm guessing these came out in the mid-to late 90's?

The second generation came with YESS mounts and had two piece lugs (batter and resonant separate). I remember these having matte lacquer finishes. Also, I know there was "Stage Custom Standard" and "Stage Custom Advantage", as well as "Stage Custom Noveau". The Noveau's were easy to tell because of the lug design. What was the difference between the Standard and the Advantage? Was one matte and one gloss? These were late 90's to mid 2000's?

The third generations went to an all birch shell and all had glossy finshes (except a matte black). Mid 2000's to 2014?

The fourth generations (the current ones available now) are the same as the third generation, except for the badge and the inside of the bass drum hoop being natural instead of matching the color of the kit. 2014-Present.

I would appreciate your comments and please feel free to add or correct anything I mentioned above.