Yamaha Stage Custom Raven Black


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Has anyone seen a newer Stage Custom in Raven Black lacquer? My son is interested in this kit but I can't find one locally in this finish to take a look at. The reason I ask is that in previous versions this finish had kind of a strange greenish tint to it rather than looking more like piano black. Images of the new Stage Customs, however, make it appear that this finish is now truly black with no other strange tints or hues apparent. If anyone has one of these newer kits in Raven Black, or has seen one in person, I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts.


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There used to be a green/black lacquer years ago - my school has one at least 15 years old with the 'Made in Indonesia' badge.
I have seen one of the new ones at a distance - seemed all black to me. But I haven't looked closely.