Yamaha Stage Custom.... 3+ months lead time?


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I recently got a really good deal on a used current generation Yamaha Stage Custom 12/14/18 bop kit in Pure White Lacquer. I've never owned a white kit and you don't see too many of the Stage Customs in the white finish. I'll feel like Vinnie back in the day playing white Yamaha's lol!

Anyway, I teach lessons at a music store where one of my best friends is the manager. He can get me really good prices (a certain percentage over store cost-between my teacher discount and friend discount) and they are a large regional chain store and have the same resources, online price matching, buying power etc. as a huge big box store.

I placed an order for the matching Stage Custom snare in Pure White Lacquer. The order was placed over MLK weekend, so he didn't get to talk to anyone from Yamaha until after the order had been placed. My friend called me to tell me the ETA (per Yamaha) on the snare was late April. LATE APRIL??

That seems strange, when it's a standard issue snare, in a color that they have had for years (not new at NAMM this year or anything) in one of their most popular and best selling lines. I know it's not my friends fault, but that seems excessive doesn't it? Maybe they are giving me a "worst case" scenario (underpromise and overdeliver)? Who knows.

There are several on Amazon right now,but I got a better price through my friend and want to support his store (and give him the commission). I'm willing to wait and I'm not in a hurry, but it's just disappointing to me. I mean, who wants to wait for new gear we are excited about, let alone 3+ months, right?

Again, I would understand if it was a special order or it was custom size or finish etc. It just seems like a long time for regularly cataloged item, no?

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Right now is Chinese New Year. Put the coronavirus on top of that. Nothing is going on over there right now.

If it helps, when you place an order, it gets added to the list. That order must be sent to the factory with all the other special orders and normal production runs. Having built product for Yamaha, normal production runs are scheduled months in advance. I would know about July in May. Once it gets built, it must be shipped, buy boat, across the Pacific. Then it must go through customs. Once through customs, it goes to distribution. After distribution, it gets shipped by truck to its final destination. So if you think about it, April isn't really that bad.


I'm currently in the process of ordering a new Yamaha drumline for the high school band I work with. We are going with a "custom" black sparkle fade inverted finish; it's a lacquer, not a wrap.

Yamaha's estimate? 6-8 months. We will be lucky to get them to start the football season.