YAMAHA Snaredrum Power V and Power V Special


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Hey everybody,

i'm new here. I'm into Yamaha Drums. Playing the same RTC 8000 for 30 years now.

Now i want to collect some Yamaha Vintage Steel Snare Drums. I 've tried to find some details (online) about the Yamaha Power V Snaredrum and Yamaha Power V Snaredrum Special. I think, both were build about 1989?
Does anybody know more about them? Even the Yamaha Drum Support replied, they are out of stock a long time and there are no informations... thats right. :)
I'd like to know how long they has been manufactured (both of them). Are they the same material or what is the difference between both Snaredrums? Pics attached. Both are Made in England. Steel somehow. Thanks !!! Chris



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I believe this was a joint venture between Yamaha and Premier (hence the "Made In England" notation). These are well built drums and I've always said the rack tom holder that came with these drums is the one thing I would want to have if a bar fight ever broke out. You could probably use it as a hammer for all of your home construction projects! The only downside is that I think they all came in the same configurations with power size rack toms.