Yamaha rock tour tuning stability....


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So I'm playing on a Yamaha Rock Tour at the moment, which sounds simply awesome. However I'm having a bit of trouble with keeping tension on the heads. I tune just above wrinkle on all toms, and it sounds meaty as anything, but during gigs, one or 2 random tension rods will always work loose, mainly on my 12" rack and my 16" floor. The 14" I bought as an add on (delivered later) seems to be fine.

Any ideas as to what's causing this? I've never experienced this before! Any advice is welcomed!


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I haven't experienced this myself on my Rock Tour, but it could be that you're just tuning them that low. Are you still using the Pinstripes?

At any rate, I would recommend loosening the reso head a bit (if possible, depending on where you have them) and tightening up the batter head a little more. I could see that fixing your problem.


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I'm not using the pinstripes. I switched to coated G2s and g1 resos with an emad2 and a Remo smooth White reso straight away. Thing is, I tune my Mapex in the same way and have never had this happen.

When I say just above wrinkle, I hold a fair bit of pressure on my thumb in the middle of the drum, and tune until all wrinkles disappear. Then I tune it up slightly from there to ensure even tension across the drum. I find taking it much further seems to choke it out a bit and lose a lot of resonance in the drum.

I will experiment today and see if playing a bit tighter will remedy the situation.