Yamaha Recording Custom ?

john gerrard

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I have a line on a used set of R/C's and I was wondering if some of you could help me.

The set I'm looking at are white and they have the double lug i.e. not the long single lug. I was wondering if we might be able to date them roughly. I know the early Yamaha 9000 series had the double lug but I can't remember the R/C's having anything but the long single lugs. I was also wondering if all R/C's had the dark stained interiors? Thanks in advance for your help. John


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These sound like the first generation Tour Custom,8000 series the shells are not all Birch like the
Recording Custom. They had birch/mahogany shells the mahogany being phillipine mahogany otherwise known as Luan. These were available in both lacquer and wrapped finishes. These are nice sounding drums and very well made.
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john gerrard

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Harry, I saw those on the bay and that's what made me think of the pre-recording custom drums, but the ones I'm looking at say Yamaha Recording Custom in the add. I will try to talk to someone and have them check out the badges and see if the interiors are stained, that would tell alot if the interiors were stained and the badges say Recording Custom. If they do have Recording Custom badges with stained interiors I'm still wondering about the date. To be continued. Thanks. John P.S. I may have to place a bid on those early 9000's, they look awesome except I really don't care for the metal hoops but that can be fixed.