Yamaha Recording Custom RC,RA and GA from the 80's


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I've research a lot and want to know as much as I can about this models.
Which year they were made and if GA vs RC,RA are any different in sound.
I know for fact that RC are the oldest 9000 and RC and RA are lacquered and GA are wrapped but I wanna know more;)
Give me all info you know here please!
If you can choose, what model of this three would you choose?
I looking for 22x14 and 20x16? bass drum, 8,10,12,13 14 and 14 and 16 floor tom.
Not in power sizes at all, just regular sizes.


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I think the RA (lacquered) and GA (wrapped) were made from1981 to 85. In 1985 they stopped making the GA series and the RA was replaced with the RC-RF model (RF for power depth drums). Same drums as RA but different bearing edges.


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I have found a stage white 14" floor tom. FT914RC and serial: IX-0315
Made in England
Anyone knowing when this drum are made?


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Yamaha owned Premier Drums from 1987 to 1995. I heard that they had manufactured some Yamaha drums in the Premier factory. You might be looking a one of those right now.