Yamaha Oak Custom Identification and Thoughts


Currently I am using a Yamaha Stage Custom snare and it's decent tuned up high for light jazz, but I want something bigger and fuller. I have always loved the sound of the high end Yamahas. I recently stumbled across thiese links on guitar center and I thinks it's a killer deal.

The snares are Oak Custom and I'm not sure if the first one is one of the Loud Series. The 14x7 dimensions make me think it is but the logo looks more like this model.


Could someone help me find out what type of snare this is? It is too late to call Guitar Center but I will do that soon. But still, any opinions would be graciously accepted.
And also, has anyone had any experience with the Oak Customs and is there a better snare in this price range I could get used (I've already checked out Acrolites, Black Panthers, Gretsch Club, and some others.)? Should I go with 14x7 or 14x5? Will I loose a lot of low end fatness it I do with the 14x5?
Here a video of what I think is an identical snare (it's not my video).

And I live near a Guitar Center so if I order the snare and don't like it, it could be easily returned. Advice?
Please help.
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I'll speculate a bit till someone shows up who knows what they're talking about, or until you get in contact with the store - LOL

On your first link, from the distance between, and the slight offset to the lugs, it looks like the 14 x 7 Loud Series.
Pretty sure the US Yamaha site has the wrong picture for the 14 x 5.5 snare in that series, but the Canada site looks correct: http://ca.yamaha.com/en/products/musical-instruments/drums/snaredrums/snaredrum-wood/l_series/?mode=series#tab=product_lineup

The only thing that didn't look right at first is the color. But they show a solid silver color available at this link: http://ca.yamaha.com/en/products/musical-instruments/drums/snaredrums/snaredrum-wood/l_series/nsd_1470/?mode=model#tab=feature

So, my guess is the 14 x 7 Yamaha Oak Loud in solid silver.

Post back after getting more info from the store, and a pic too if you decide to get it.

The second link has the Oak Custom badge. AFAIK, the Musashi badge is red and looks like the one in this link: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/drums-percussion/yamaha-musashi-oak-snare-drum

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