Yamaha Musashi Snare owners



I recently made a thread discussing an Odery Eyedentity Bubinga snare that I was planning on buying. That is until I stumbled upon a Yamaha Musashi snare.

Now, I know you can't compare them.
But still, I'd like your help making this decision.

The Bubinga snare is:

-8 ply Bubinga shell
-2.3mm hoops
-Throw off with 4 positions!

The Musashi:

-7 Ply Oak Shell
-Triple Flanged hoops
-Throw off not so good!
-It's 2nd hand, but it has better value since it's a Yamaha (incase I wanna sell it).

I play Jazz/World and Funk music.
Some questions that are on my mind about the Musashi:

- I know it has pop, and thats what attracts me about it the most. But does it have body?
Can you get a good sound in lower tunings?
- How does it do played with lower dynamic? Is it responsive?
- Are the hoops 2.3mm?

Some factors that are making me consider the Musashi is the fact that its a Yamaha and its value wond decrease as much as it will on the Odery. This is incase I want to trade it for another later on, since I'm always switching gear.
One thing that makes me excited about the Musashi as well, it that I can take it as sort of a project. Putting some puresound snares, wood hoops, new throw off.. Oh man..
All the things that are missing in the snare that I'm sure would make it a top of the line one.

The Odery looks and sounds great, althought the lug splay makes me have second thoughts. Also, if I buy it, it will be new.

Sorry for the boring text, but I'm in need of some advice! I won't be able to stop thinking about it until I finally pull the trigger.


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I have the 13" Musashi, and I love it. Yeah, the throw is kinda wimpy, but it works. And if you start the build, like you stated ( puresound snares, wood hoops, new throw off ), you'll have a killer. And you won't want to sell it. I bought mine used, off eBay, and it's one of the best snare purchases I ever made. That, and my 13" Pearl Omar Hakim.​

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Over the weekend I was trying the tama 13 g maple (in store).. It was nice but after a while I just wanted to get up and grab a 14. 13's lack the power and depth 14's have. Depends how you tune and what other snares you have.


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I owned a Musashi for about five years. I sold it very recently but it was a really great snare.

It does have body and it has crack if you want it to. The 13x6.5 is a good size for body. I used a Remo 'Vintage A' head on my snare and it was the perfect combination.

The hoops are 1.6mm as far as I recall. The throw-off isn't so great but it does work. I changed mine out for a Pearl model that I had around. I would upgrade the throw if it's possible.

It's a fantastic snare. Very well put together and has a great sound.


I have one. Tis true the throw-off is kinda junk, but it has GREAT body and power. I actually like using the 13s because it speaks a little faster than a 14 and is more articulate, and with the 6.5 depth it has good low end and body. Also because of the oak shell it has great projection and cuts through almost any music very nicely. Would definately recommend replacing the throw-off and possibly the snares too depending on the sound you want.


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I owned the 6.5 x 13 Musashi for a couple of years before I sold it. Superb snare at its price point.


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The 6.5x13 is my primary snare. I replaced the throw-off, I'd have to look to remember which, but it didn't cost a ton, less that $40 for sure.

If you tune the top head rather tight, and the bottom head moderately, you get a nifty sort of sample-over sample sounding combination of both pop and the body.

EDIT: Looked it up, I got the Dunnett throw off, and it's gone way up in price. Nice though, and no drilling.