Yamaha Musashi or Pearl Free Floater?


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Hey guys, I'm looking at getting an upgraded snare for my kit. I'm doing some recording for a new CD and my old PDP snare doesn't seem to cut it too well. The rest of my kit sounds great but the snare kinda wrecks the mix.

Anyways I've always liked the way the Pearl Free Floater sounds (listen to Smashing Pumpkins' Gish album), but I noticed the Yamaha Musashi looks nice too.

I'm mainly using it for recording...I realize the Musashi is a 13" and the Free Floater is 14"...I prefer 14" but which is better for recording?

Any tips or experience or advice is appreciated. Thanks!


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I have recorded with both. The FF is very dry and I didn't care for it much. The Musashi cracks pretty hard and I love it. I guess it all depends on what sound you think will compliment the style of music you are playing. I have the 6x12 Musashi. I am looking for a good deal on a 13" now.


I have a friend that has the 12x6 Musashi, it's an awesome snare. Nice and focused sound. It'll really crack. No testimonial for the free floater, unfortunately...

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I have a Pearl 14 * 6.5 brass free floater that is a good snare for loud rock music recorded or live. I think the yamaha musahi snare would be a much more versatile drum, especially in the studio. Go for the yammie.