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The original SPD-s was genius, you could footswitch a hi hat sound on one pad, or do a dynamic switch, and you had the expression pedal for the FX, better pads than the current ones, all it really wanted was more memory, an editor and a click like the new one, the rest of the good features were pulled so we would have to use an octapad for some of those other features..... IF they combined the two like yamaha have done and gave us a decent editor and rubber pads again it'd be great.

The Yamaha suffers in several areas, the sounds are a bit clunky, there's no way to play a snare roll as well as you can on a Roland, the menu system is terrible, if I want to set up 4 sounds on a pad it seems to be very time consuming, I will play with it more over the next weeks but I need to finish a couple of other projects first. The sensitivity on the pads isn't so good either, maybe I need to get the velocity curves set up a bit better, all in all electronics can be great, if set up correctly but it's all a bit of a headache. We have to accept limitations, APPLE wouldn't accept limitations, they'd make it work....


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Hey all!

I was just wondering are just simple questions allowed here?

the case is that I bought I a roland ev-5 expression pedal. andI don't seem to get it it to work with the multi12.

I need to actually set a filter to my set and control this with the pedal. but I really been trying fot long now and nothing….could somebody help me here?



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Roland pedals don't work with yamaha gear, you would need to switch polarity, the EV-5 works with the handsonic and the spd-s by Roland, but not the spd-sx, it also works with some keyboards like my Juno Di, you need a yamaha pedal but as far as I remember there isn't an expression pedal input on the yammy. Though I may be wrong as I'm sitting in my van eating a kebab and not actually with the unit.



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Thanks for your query Abe - the good news is you can control effects with a pedal plugged into the Foot Sw jack. When I tried a Behringer FCV100 pedal it worked OK, so I assume your Roland EV-5 possibly will also. There are a few simple Utility menu settings involved (that will affect all kits). Check the Owners manual pages 29 & 88 to set [UTIL4-2] FootSwInSel=FC7 and in [UTIL4-1] select FTSW (top row) and Func=CC94 (bottom row) - and Store these settings.
Then select any kit and your pedal should control whatever effect is displayed in the KIT4-1 Variation menu. Refer to the Effect Type and Parameter lists (pages 15-19 in Data List) and Owners manual (pages 36-41) for the range of effects available. You can also assign other midi control change functions to the pedal - refer to page 20 in Data List.
A minor inconvenience when selecting another kit is having to move the pedal a small amount to register it's current position.
Good luck with your pedal setup as the effects allow plenty of variety for your kit sounds.
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Another option if you don't own (or want to use) an FC7-type pedal, is a setting in the MIDI3-8 menu (CC Number & Value page) to preset the Effects Send level for each kit. I've updated my User kits with preferred Variation effects level values, by setting CCNo=94 and Val=0 to 127 for midi Ch10. Some kits also have the hihat pedal setup as a basic effects controller if required.

My current Multi-12 User kits are available here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bx1wtmiud6ww96c/2uNYI2kb1d


This update of Hansolo's revised Multi-12 kits settings has the extra Yamaha Acoustic kits inserted at U127-U130 for more convenient switching between similar sounding kits.
I've also duplicated kits U136-U140 at U141-U145 to provide 5 extra 'spaces' for your own custom kits or to copy the Yamaha Electronic kits from U165-U169 if required. Just be aware the extra Yamaha kits that don't have their WAV samples loaded are going to sound weird, as both WAV sets use a similar number sequence (from WV001 to 099).
Various tweaks have also been made to improve the kit sounds, and I've revised 3 of the User trigger settings (U8/9/10) for better stick response, with U10 selected at startup.

U081:GM105=Sitar ... U082:GM104=Sci-Fi ... U083:GM95=HaloPad ... U084:GM73=Piccolo
U085:GM77=Bottle ... U086:GM47=Harp ... U087:GM33=AcousBass ... U088:GM25=NylonGtr
U089:GM09=Celesta ... U90: GM01=GrandPiano ... U091:GM108=Koto ... U092:GM101=Brightness
U093:GM097=RainPad ... U094:GM65=SopranoSax ... U095:GM84=ChiffLead ... U096:GM46=Pizz.Str
U097:GM38=SlapBass2 ... U098:GM28=CleanGtr ... U099:GM19=RockOrgan ... U100: GM03=Elec Grand

U101:Vibraphone(P43) ... U102:Marimba(P42) ... U103:SteelGtr(*P47) ... U104;DistGtr(*P41)
U105;Dulcimer(*P40) ... U106:SteelPan(P44) ... U107:Kalimba(*P11) ... U108:Balafon(P45)
U109:Indy Melody(P31) ... U110:Japan(P12) ... U111:Taiko Drums(P35) ... U112:Indian Drum(P32)
U113:Tabla Hand(P04) ... U114:Bollywood(P33) ... U115:Tabla Ensem(P34) ... U116:India(P30)
U117:Arabic(P36) ... U118:Ragga Guy(P25) ... U119:Brazil(P29) ... U120:Cuban Stick(P28)
U121:Conga Hand(P05) ... U122:percsMaster(P01) ... U123:Africa(P37) ... U124:Large&Metal(P46)
U125:Orchestra(P39) ... U126;Drum Core(P38) ... U127:Jazz Maple(AC) ... U128:Oak X Kit(AC)
U129:Vintage(AC) ... U130:Rock Kit(AC) ... U131:Oak Custom(P09) ... U132:HardRock(P10)
U133:MapleCustom ... U134:CocktailDr(P50) ... U135:Hipgig(P49) ... U136:E-Gate Kit(P16)
U137:80s Electro(P02) ... U138:NuRezo Kit(P13) ... U139;Dim RnB(P26) ... U140:E-Trad Kit(P14)
U141:E-Gate Kit(P16) ... U142:80s Electro(P02) ... U143:NuRezo Kit(P13) ... U144;Dim RnB(P26)
U145:E-Trad Kit(P14) ... U146:Electro Kit(P15) ... U147:EleTomSet(P17) ... U148:SynT&PSet(P20)
U149:Toycussion(P18) ... U150:The Ambient(P19) ... U151:Leftfield(P23) ... U152:HouseClasic(P27)
U153:Sweet RnB(P03) ... U154:FillsMaker(P07) ... U155:TraxMaster(P22) ... U156:HandScrtch(P06)
U157:Vocal Drums(P48) ... U158:TECH Keys(P24) ... U159:UpliftTranc(P21) ... U160:Movie FX(P08)

U165:ClassicDance ... U166:Classic RX ... U167;Drum'n'Bass ... U168:HipHop ... U169:House

U171:Jazz Maple(AC) ... U172:Oak X Kit(AC) ... U173:Vintage(AC) ... U174:Rock Kit(AC)

To try these revised Multi-12 kits, you should first save your current data files to USB memory and download my files via this link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bx1wtmiud6ww96c/AACGRQ0A-3eRp2baAKYNWg9ra?dl=0 Then just load the M12ALL4.MTA data file or individual M12KITS4.MTK, M12TRGS4.MTT and M12UTIL4.MTU files.

The extra Yamaha Acoustic or Electronic kits can be added to the revised kits with the ALLWAV files provided in AC_WAVES.MTW (62MB) and EL_WAVES.MTW (35MB). The wave memory limitation of 64MB allows only one of them to be loaded at a time (refer to O/M p-94), and expect a load time of over 4 mins for the EL_WAVES file (more than double that for the AC_WAVES file).


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Hello everyone.

I know this is a very old thread, but still one of the most useful and informative one, I have come across..

After very recently acquiring the DTX M12, I recently came across this forum as I was looking at an epad that can also be used as hand percussion.
Absolutely amazing improvements provided by HanSolo and rhysT, with not much information available on how to do it. ?
I just wanted to understand as to how we can create these kits, as I plan to include some native Indian and Turkish instruments for me to use and I will release it with fellow users. Is it just exporting our DTX save file with the changes included or do we have a separate program for the same?

Any help in this regard, would be great. Thanks in advance
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Necro-thread time.

So somewhere, someone at sometime had posted a "10 things to do to improve your DTX Multi12 out of the box" type article. It probably wasn't titled that exactly, but it was a list of things to change in the default settings and/or to upload to the Multi12 to make it easier to use/more responsive.

I've looked through the DW forum and online and cannot find it anywhere. If anyone knows what I'm trying to remember, I'd appreciate a link. I was working on something and stupidly reset mine to factory specs.