Yamaha Japan Recording Custom help please.

Help with year of manufacture please.

Model Serial#
TT913RF QX 2175
TT914RF QY 0552
FT916RC QO 1285
BD924RF QH 1331

I want to say i ordered this kit in 88 or 89. The finish is Stage White.

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A two letter date-code prefix in the serial number indicates these were made during 1980 - 1989. The first letter denotes the last digit of the year in 198x and the second letter denotes the month. Thus:

QX = 1980-11 = 1980 Nov
QY = 1980-12 = 1980 Dec
QO = 1980-08 = 1980 Aug
QH = 1980-01 = 1980 Jan

If you're sure you ordered these new in 88 or 89, double check the first letter isn't the letter O instead of Q. An O would indicate 1988...

Thanks for the reply, I messaged Yamaha on these serial numbers. I am pretty sure I ordered in 1989, in 1980 I wasn't old enough to have a job, other than mowing lawns. The kit has been in mothballs for 20 years. She came out of the time capsule really good, except for some pitting in the bass drum clamps and claws. Finish is excellent, "Stage White" which was a pearl-essence lacquer that really grabs the stage lights. Thanks again!


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Ok, unless there's an anomaly here, the year correlation above is accurate. It's highly unlikely Yamaha fulfilled a 1989 order with drums that had been in inventory for 8-9 years ;-) so I suspect the first letter is an O rather than a Q. If you have a photo of one of the badges, be glad to take a look at it.

I'm very familiar with the 1986-1989 RCs and the Stage White finish. Tommy Igoe used to play one then (12/13/14/16/22) and the finish is a class act. Cherry Wood was probably the more popular finish, but Stage White was my personal favorite.
How do I send them to you? I cannot upload the photos here, says they are too big. If you direct message me your email, I promise I won't share it or spam you at all, but I will send you photos of the badges with serial numbers. This kit came from Yamaha, in the Yamaha boxes, smelled like brand new glue when I opened them.


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Ha, no worries, just sent you an email. And I don't doubt you at all. Sometimes the stamps weren't applied level to the metal face so some character edges can be faint or broad and distort the appearance.