Yamaha HS740 - spring issue?


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I've had a Yamaha HS740 hi hat for years and for the most part like it.

It's lightweight and well built.

One issue that I haven't been able to resolve is that the spring tension won't go down to where I want it. I've compared it against (2) other HS740's and they seem to be fine.

The only way I see to adjust the spring is the black plastic spring tension knob. It's at the lowest setting and I'm still feeling it to be too tight.

Anybody have this issue?

I've got an email into Yamaha customer service but don't know what/when/if I'll get an answer



Les Ismore

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I would consider you lucky. I prefer a lighter spring tension and with the budget stands being able to get a light(er) tension is usually not an option.

You'd have to take it apart to find the problem. HH stands come apart pretty easily.