Yamaha Hi-Hat Advice Needed

Wave Deckel

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Thanks for your insight. The HS1200 is one of the contenders for sure. Do you find the weight an issue in any way for regular gigging?
My two cents: The difference between the HS740a and HS1200 is not that huge. There are other "top-of-the-line" hihat-stand that weigh much more than the Yamaha. The question is more about: Are you willing to spend much more for the HS1200?

The HS1200D is a really really great stand. But not exactly cheap.


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I now use a modified HS1200. I used the 1200T with the 700 series hardware before but I went to the lighter 600 cymbal stands with customized snare and hh stands.

The regular 1200 feautures a third double braced leg. I had that removed so its now a single braced two leg stand.

Its still rock solid and light, yet with the extra settings options and same pedal plate as my kick.