Yamaha Flying Dragon Pedal Help


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Hey guys, so I've been a single pedal player my whole life and am pretty quick if I do say so myself. Anyway, I'd like to start dabbling in double bass I think. Last year I found a good deal on a used Yamaha Flying Dragon pedal and when I received it (Guitar Center used) I found that it was actually the main pedal for a double pedal. I think all I need to make it a double is the slave pedal and linkage. The problem is that the pedal is discontinued. How do I go about getting these parts? Is it worth it? For those familiar with the pedal, am I missing any other parts?

Here's the best pic I currently have of mine and then a stock photo:

Untitled by ASH556, on Flickr

Mine doesn't have the spring and rocker on the left side of the pedal, so I guess I'd need those too?