Yamaha DTXtreme III Special - What do I need ?


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Yamaha DTXtreme III Special

Looking to pick up the lower line of this series without the higher price tag. Which one from this series should I be looking at?

• Snare
• Kick
• Hi Hats
• Ride
• Crash - two (if possible)
• Toms - three (if possible)


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Not sure I understand by "what do I need?"

That specific model has been discontinued.

Well, to be precise, it's software upgradable to the DTX900.


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ahh, I have two A kits and E kits are new to me. I am looking for a kit that offers similar features to the discontinued series without the higher price. I am unfamiliar with hardware and modules. What DTX series would I need that has the basics to the high end 900 series? I like the drum and cymbal pads, but not sure what module is like the DTX900.

I found this and it seems that the DTX700 series would be what I could be possibly needing ?
All the DTX series modules have to the ability to assign multiple zone pads.

DTX400 module: 3-zone snare input so 3 different sound possibilities

DTX502 module: 3-zone snare (Snares On/Off), crash, ride and hi-hat inputs so 15 different sound possibilities

DTX700 module: 3-zone snare (Snares On/Off), toms 1-3, crash 1, crash 2, ride and 1 extra cymbal/tom inputs plus a 2 zone hi-hat with 6 zone options (closed top,edge, open top,edge, foot closed, foot splash) so 33 different sound possibilities

DTX900 module: 3-zone snare (Snares On/Off), toms 1-4, crash 1, crash 2, ride and 4 extra cymbal/tom inputs plus a 2 zone hi-hat with 6 zone options (closed top,edge, open top,edge, foot closed, foot splash) so 45 different sound possibilities

Now this does cover layering (DTX502, DTX700, DTX900) or pad expansion through the kick input and the tom inputs on the DTX502.

Hope this helps,

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Let's start with basics.

1. what do you want to spend?

Yamaha's (current) module range is:
DTX400 - entry level - avoid if you can.

DTX502 (upgrade of the earlier 500)
DTX700 (came out after the 900)
DTX900 (in effect a software upgrade the the DTXtreme III)

From what you're saying it might be a DTX700 to look at.

ALL the manuals are online and free - so download those for the modules you are looking for.

All the modules are available as kits with a variety of pads. The kits are given increasing numbers depending on the pads and price.

So, as an example you can get a DTX760K kit, which is a DTX700 module, with hat, silicone snare, silicone kick, 3 silicone toms, 3 cymbals. There's a DTX720K with lower range pads, etc etc etc


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Alright, Yes I'll download those PDF's and check out the info for a detailed comparison.
Yes, price range; probably the DTX700's used, or the DTX500 series, new.
If I get the DTX500 series new, would I want to upgrade to a used DTX700 series the right away? I see from the previous post that the DTX700 modules offer the same features as the DTX900 module, but less of the features. I don't care about the less features in modules, as long as performance is up to speed. Fields, or zones are more important. (Sensitivity adjusted with the modules.) When you say depending on the pads (and cymbal pads), are the fields or zones the same and the modules make them perform differently? Are the pads & cymbal pads that come with the DTX700's the same as the DTX900 series?
Basically, I like what I have seen and heard off the video in the OP with the DTXtreme III's. I would like to have these results.
So, it appears that I would go with the DTX700 series used, as it offers the same fields or zones as in the DTX900 modules and with the all pads.

& thanks for helping out, electrodrummer.


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hey Jimzo, another possible solution is look for a used DTXtreme 3, and upgrade the snare to a new DTX snare. I've seen them go for a suprisingly reasonable price, but you have to be ultra patient, they don't sell a lot of the high end kits to begin with, so theres not a big supply of them out there.

You can only learn so much from the manuals and youtube videos, really you should go find a good drum store and try out a few different kits. If you really want lots of different zones on your pads, you have to be careful which pads the kit comes with. Some of them are only dual zone, some are 3 zones, depending on the pad. and in the end, will you even use them all?

A few years back, I wanted to upgrade my DTxtreme 2 kit and got looking at most of the different models, and figured out for me, the DTX 760 was the lowest level I'd be happy with for features. But honestly, it 100% depends on what you envision using it for, and it's totally a personal choice. I ran into a used DTX950 for less than 1/2 price new, and I jumped on it.


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Re: Update

Thank You electrodrummer & whiteknightx for helping me with all this new-to-me e-drum knowledge. I have this page bookmarked and will refer to it when needed or ready.
I have another kit that was sitting dormant and decided to put it to use. I outfitted the kit with Remo Silentstroke heads and Zildjian L80 low volume cymbals.
The main thing I needed to accomplish was to be able to practice at home. ✓
Setting the kit up as close as I could to the studio kit. I am happy with the outcome and wanted to thank you for not only the info, but helping with what I will be deciding on in the near future with the Yamaha's as I am only interested in these.
Thanks again.