Yamaha Drums


Did you sell the Tour Customs?
Nope. I love them, they are keepers.
The Hybrids are incredible drums with the latest, greatest shell and hardware technology Yamaha has to offer. I kind of think of them as a top trim, limited, fully loaded car.

The Tours I have come to appreciate as just a great basic, well built, no frills maple kit with the Yamaha sound and feel. Light weight, easy to gig with and versatile. More like an SEL ride haha.

I do wish Yamaha would open up the line with additional bass and tom sizes like they do the Stage Customs. I can see myself building a shell bank of the Tours.
They for sure, should add a bop configuration to the line. Yamaha doesn’t have an all maple intermediate line bop kit. It’s either Stage Custom birch or AHM. Miles apart economically speaking.

Between my Hybrids and the Tours, I feel I’m really covered for any professional musical situation or environment

So pleased I’m fact I’m actually thinking of letting go of my Gretsch kits and just being a Yamaha guy again.


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We're pretty much on the same page about those lines. Still have my Tours and wish they would make some add-ons available.
I think the Hybrids are great, but couldn't really justify the cost for myself.


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I've still got a set of MCAN's:

but honestly, I like the Tours just as much, (except for the finish), maybe even more so because of the sizes.

I'm thinking of letting them go, but their replacement would be Ludwig and not Yamaha. Things change. :unsure:


And yes, they could up the finishes on the tours and beef up the bass and Floor Tom legs a bit.
but again, understated while being extremely competent is kind of a Yamaha thing.

I do think Yamaha needs to up their marketing game. I know they rely on reputation but great marketing and a few subtle changes to the lines to match expectations would go along way for them.
As a consumer, I would probably pay a bit more for better finishes and slightly nicer hardware components.