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So, where did this funny looking drum go. I've heard Yamaha discontinued the drum, but are still making special orders (read: to their endorsed artist). Fell in love with it while listening to John Mayer. The size is 12" wide and 22" deep. Great auxiliary bass drum!

Does anyone here own one? Pleas provide us with pictures, videos etc.
I've even been thinking of building one myself.


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Hey guys, I do have a DAXDAD.

Now I've been asked to sell it...
What do you guys recon?

I think I might regret it, since it obviously is quiet hard to get one.
And what price you think I should sell it for, if I would?


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I've never seen one for sale on eBay. I assume, since you were "asked", you're not planning on selling it on eBay. I'd think $700, would be fair.​

Bo Eder

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I think you can get the same sound by finding a 22 and stuffing 3/4 full with a pillow ;)
But it does look unique.