Yamaha Crosstown Hardware


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Bought a set last week with an extra cymbal stand. Got around to setting it up today. Overall opinions - wonderful. Superbly made, stable & super light. One BIG gripe though is the Hi-Hat Stand. Almost impossible to use with a double pedal as the base is fixed & cannot be turned :(
looks like I will have to leave this stand at home for the foreseeable future till I play in a band that only requires a single pedal. I will have to revert to my usual stand but that weighs more than the whole Crosstown set up........ kind of defeats my objective. :(

9Y0A6931 by Kevin Frost, on Flickr


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Just arrived: the Yamaha Crosstowns

At 72 I figured lighter stands would be really beneficial for playing out. (Luckily a while ago I determined that I only needed straight cymbal stands.) So eBay had a really good deal on a Crosstown demo and that was that, too good to pass up.
Now for the testing of the stands: holding a med. 18” crash which I crashed a lot was no problem with the stand fully extended. I clamped a 12” Sonor tom with its massive Sonor ball mount and Sonor clamp to a stand, carefully balancing it over one of the legs, which you do with any stand. No problems even as I beat the h*** out of that tom.
I tested the stand finish with 3 different clamps and found no scratching or marking. If that’s a worry make or buy tough, rubber tubing for sleeves.
The hihat stand is solid if a little bit shorter than standard but not a problem unless you like your hats really high. Legs don’t rotate which may cause some people problems.
The snare stand is also solid, not prone to shifting around in spite of its light weight. It currently holds my heavy, Pearl 6.5” deep, FF brass.
Just for fun I had my wife pick up and hold a Crosstown stand in one hand while lifting my standard Gibraltar stand in the other. She was really impressed by the Crosstown and understood my need for them!
Long story short, I’m very happy!?