Yamaha Club Custom Owners...


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Most of my gigging kits come from black shell banks. Given how rare they are, I would take a Club Custom in any finish.

I have found two kits for sale. Waiting to hear back on shipping.


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Got myself a beautiful black swirl kit back in July this year in immaculate condition. I absolutely love these drums.. 22', 12", 14" 16". Would love an 18" bass to go along with them.


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So many to choose from. he says, facetiously.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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It was al about the move to China.

I was initially bummed that I wasn't able to get a kit before it was discontinued. I only have a snare, a blue swirl one.

When it comes down to it though, Broadkasters are probably more my thing anyway.

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Have them in Black Swirl, and love them. 22-20-10-12-14-16 plus matching snare. Had to replace the ball-post mounts, because they had been worn and dried out. I really like that the bass drums are 15" deep, making them easy to move around and fit onto tight stages.

The finish is the nicest I've ever seen on a set of drums. It's quite thick and sturdy, and doesn't flake off with little knock against another drum here and there.

The demand is certainly there, but I don't think Yamaha will bring them back, because it's so labor-intensive to do a hand-painted lacquer finish. They used to put the drums onto rollers to apply the swirls, which must haven taken a long time. Apparently Steve Jordan originally saw the finish on a cafe table top, somewhere in Japan.
I'd like to see this finish. Pics anyone?


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Kapur is in the mahogany family, these have a great warm tone. My old school has a Vintage Pearl wood/fiberglass kit from the late 70's. And I believe
those were made with kapur also


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There are 2 shell packs on Reverb, just follow the link I posted earlier.

Ryan Culberson

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The black set on Reverb is mine (mentioned earlier in this thread), on consignment at Bentley’s Drum Shop in Fresno, CA. Love the Clubbies, and won’t mind if they don’t sell.

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Never had a chance to play them when they first came out. Last year, a drum buddy came across a set. We both used them last November at a gig our bands played together. They blew me away (my buddy, too) with exactly the qualities you describe. When the opportunity came up a couple of months ago to secure those drums from him, I dove headfirst! Can’t recommend them highly enough. In this pic are the 12-14ft-18ft-22+matching snare. Not shown is a 10” tom and 16” floor tom.

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Never seen a recent Yamaha with the twin-finger claws, so great to see that beauty with them - because I recently tarted up my humble Stage Custom with them! I clearly have great taste 😜


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