Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute Noveau


Does anybody know how many plies are in these drums? I'm considering buying one after playing on one in a shop but I need to know how thick the shell is

scorch whammin

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Bass Drum is 7 ply, 7 mm thick, toms and snare are 6 ply, 6 mm thick..:)...one of my a- kits is a BCA...great kit! and sounds!


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Hey Drew,
If you buy that kit you won't regret it. They tune up really nice and are a pleasure to play. I think you'll be very happy with these drums.


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Remember when making comparisons that the number of plies doesn't necessarily indicate shell thickness, since different manufacturers use different thicknesses of ply material. A 6-ply by one company may be the same thickness as a 10-ply by another company (Pearl and Keller, respectively, as an example). True, more plies = more glue, but that won't make nearly as much difference as the overall shell thickness will.