Yahama DTX430 - no kick drum sound


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Greetings. Brand new here so thanks in advance for the help. Bought a used DTX430 off Craigslist as part of a hopeful return to drumming. Enjoyed it and it seemed to work fine for two hours of use. Then, the kick drum stopped making any sound.

I swapped cables around and checked the volume level. The KP65 kick drum pedal triggers other inputs (like snare or cymbal). But no kick drum sound can be heard when using other input pads or cables into the kick drum input.

I've tried to turn up the gain to max and the minimum trigger to zero. Tried factory resets both ways, multiple times. Yes, checked the volume on the pedal. (Again, pedal works on other channels.)

Tried all of this with both headphones and a small amp. There seems to be a small signal/sound with the volume way up.

When the double-bass drum is selected, the hihat pedal makes the kick drum sound. So does the KP65 pedal, though the sound is louder through the hihat pedal and the KP65 kick drum pedal does not seem to have much modulation. Other than that, the selected kit makes no difference.

I don't see how this could be a physical problem like dirty cables or connections, but will try cleaning them.

It seems like the signal to make the kick drum noise is extremely low when using the kick drum input. Since I've tried different cables and different trigger pads, it seems it must be in the computer part. Like the channel is not getting the signal or it's not giving output.

The ability to hear a kick drum sound using double bass, from both hihat pedal and KP65 kick drum pedal, almost makes the troubleshooting more complicated!

Thanks for any help and suggestions.
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Sorry if you wrote it already, but you did try to plug a known good cable into the kick input, right? (both ends) Looks like you investigated a lot. I suppose the pad volume setting is up in the module. Any effect when changing velocity curves? Maybe a weird crosstalk setting?(try 0) Also check the pedal type setting (should be 1 or 2). If you have a USB cable, it would be interesting to see if it works through midi, and what velocity values it sends.


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Thank you both. Yes, I did my best to research this and do lots of troubleshooting before asking for help. Yes, it's odd that there are a couple of references to this on the internet - they seem to be resolved by different headphones. I've tried headphones that used to work and a small amp. Again, all other inputs/triggers work fine.

Tried a known good cable (snare cable) from the kick pedal into the computer's kick input. No, or extremely minimal, sound.
Tried the kick pedail into the snare input using both the kick cable and the snare cable and the kick pedal makes the snare sound.
This seems to validate a good cable.

I have done multiple factory resets, using both On-Vol Up-Vol Down and "Factory Set" Manual P 55 section 7-8. Even tried switching mono to stereo.

The 'auto pedal identification' on Manual P 48 correctly indicates the KP65 pedal.

I am not wise about these things, but it seems like the conclusion is the kick input on the computer is wonky. I will try cleaning it with contact cleaner and report back. Not optimistic because all other inputs are just fine, but worth trying.

And I'll retry everything! Almost seems like a computer/motherboard issues. Again, thank you all for your efforts to help.


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Inspected and cleaned computer unit with contact cleaner.
Reassembled and tested. Did factory reset with power-on.
No change.

Swapped the Snare cable with the Kick cable at the set side.
Kick pedal makes a Snare noise just fine.
Snare makes no noise (connected to the Kick input).

Swapping cables makes no difference - Kick input has very very low sound via amplifier or headphones.

Adjusted Crosstalk to 1 and 2 per Manual page 47 - no effect.

I conclude the problem is with the Kick Input, and I have no idea how to fix it.
Any ideas? Thanks.


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Did you try to completely change the kick cable on both ends?
Can you give up a Tom and program it to a kick sound with the KP on it?
(They're all single zone mono toms, right? So you can't use a splitter cable.)
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Thanks, Doraemon.

Yes, I used the Snare cable with input from the kick pedal and going into the computer box. No sound.
(Conversely, using the Kick cable from the snare pad to the snare input did work fine.)

Your tom idea is a good work around. Thank you.