Xylophone Rag


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Solid performance! While I didn't see anything that was like, "wow! I wish I had that guy's chops!" there were a lot of things that were impressive on a more intellectual level. You were very accurate and you had good time and mallet chops (I am using Joe Green's Xylophonia - also a rag - for my college audition piece on xylo and those double-stops can put your drumming chops to the test!!!)

I did feel like the four guys accompanying you had a few lapses in time. I could be hallucinating here, but some of the quarter note triplets (I think) in the marimba and bass parts seemed to slow down a bit, resulting in a necessary rush to catch back up to your [metronomic!] time. However, I may be hearing something different than what was going on.

Other than that minor issue, great playing!
Yeah, they're were some wrong notes and some silly mistakes in the marimba parts for sure. The 3rd marimba player was incredibly sick unfortunately (who had the triplets you speak of).

Yeah, the chops aren't ridiculous but being precise is! Also "scraping" from say an F to a Ab is difficult (somewhere in the midsection). G.H. Green tends to write those swiss sixes so you're moving from a lowered key to a raised key on the xylo.

It was lots of fun though!