xtra for drum bags ?


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newbie still :) for bday or xmas this year will prob step up from my P.O.S.
starter set. looking at Gretsch Catalina , for xtra $100 I can get bags.
im sure they are the lowest crud bags you could get.
question, im not in a band , wont be moving them around, if and when i go to sell or trade is that $100 well spent? i dont see in the future getting a xtra 100 out of resell value for spending it now, but if i were to start jamming around soon with some people i know, would be nice to protect them a little when moving them around.


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Find out what bags they are and we'll be far better placed to offer an opinion either way. As it stands, pure speculation is unlikely to give you anything to work with. $100 could be a steal.....but it could just as easily be someone pulling your pants down.

Instead of having us stabbing away in the dark, give us something to work with and we can tell you for sure.